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I am a long distance runner, in training.  Currently, I am running 8 miles, and keeping my pace at under 8:00/mile (usually around 7:30/mile).  Here are some of my goals:


"First Marathon by 16 years old"

I expect to run my first half marathon by the time I am 13, and want to run a marathon by the time I am 16.


"Boston Marathon by 18 years old"

The Boston Marathon is one of the best marathon races in the U.S.  One has to qualify to run in the Boston Marathon, and the minimum age is 18 years old.  When I am 18, I want to run this race.


"Run 50 States"

I want to run at least a 10K race in all 50 states.  My race journal is at the link below.

So far, I have run races in Idaho and Oregon.


◊"Manitou Incline"

In Colorado, a trail run of 4 miles or so with an elevation increase of around 2,000 feet (higher than the Empire State Building).